Suddenly starting over isn’t easy for anyone.  But what if you’re Lisa Loeb, a 37-year old woman with a successful but hectic music career and you’ve never really dated before?

Sex and the single girl takes a new twist in this series produced for E!. An ongoing real-life soap opera, following Billboard-topping singer Lisa Loeb on her quest to have it all: love and success; career and family.

Lisa is at a major crossroads - she’s in her late thirties, single for the first time since college, and find herself taking a hard look at where her life is headed.  Why haven’t any of her relationships worked out and how is daily life different for a celebrity?

Luckily – in addition to her myriad of celebrity friends – Lisa has her own Sex In the City-styled support group of companions who support her in everyday life.  They share in her love of cooking, watching films, and having deep discussions about what it’s all for. The series takes a realistic, heartwarming, and humorous look at celebrity single life.

Whether in the kitchen cooking up a meal for company, at a concert entertaining fans, or feigning an injury to hook up with a single M.D., Lisa brings a fresh attitude and realistic expectations for being single, successful, and looking for love in the 21st century.