Since its formation in 1999, Stick Figure has developed and produced films and series for over 40 television networks.

Founded by Oscar nominated filmmaker, Steven Cantor, Stick Figure has specialized in character driven docu-series such as HBO's Family Bonds (HBO), Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane (E!/Style), American Gypsies (National Geographic) and Catching Hell (The Weather Channel) among others.

Stick Figure has always differentiated itself by maintaining a strong presence in feature documentary production, primarily through a continuous and ongoing relationship with HBO for whom they have made seven films and are working on a third series, but also including films for Showtime, PBS, OWN, A&E Films , Discovery and National Geographic. Their films have received worldwide recognition, won numerous awards at Sundance and other international film festivals, and garnered nine Emmy nominations and one Emmy Award.

In 2013, Stick Figure was acquired by Ora TV, the digital network owned by Carlos Slim, forming a strategic alliance that has added the potential of significant marketing, financing and distribution capabilities to Stick Figure’s productions.

Whether profiling Amish teenagers or fashion divas or bail bondsmen or gypsies or rock bands, Stick Figure brings its unique ability to build characters and artfully reveal tension to every project they undertake.