On their sixteenth birthday, Amish youths are allowed to go out into the “English” world and explore life beyond their rural Amish communities. During this time in their lives, called “rumspringa,” they must decide if they wish to return to their Amish communities, or turn their backs on the church forever.

In Amish in the City, five Amish youths make this life-altering decision while living in a plush Hollywood Hills home with six American teens. The eleven roommates will experience all aspects of urban life ­ and do everything from helping mentally disabled patients, to visiting the beach, to even attending a red carpet movie premiere.

Both the Amish and the American teens are at crossroads in their lives. And although the Amish youths have been “sheltered” from modern society their entire lives, everyone in the house will make surprising discoveries and be profoundly changed by this unique experience.