No One Dies in Lily Dale is a documentary film that captures the journeys of a diverse set of visitors making a pilgrimage to an off-the-beaten-path town, with hopes to connect, heal, find answers, and get closure with deceased loved ones. Experience first-hand the different stories of personal loss as they collide and unfold in rural upstate New York.  Lily Dale boasts the largest spiritualist community in the world, filled with 40 registered Mediums who communicate with those whom have passed over into the “other side”.  Mediums channel spirits via readings and séances performed in their quaint, 19th century-style Victorian homes and by public platform services conducted in vortex of unearthed virgin forest.

We cross the path of Ron Holt, a Chicago Police Officer, whose son Blair was tragically gunned down in a random act of gang violence.  Ron is trying to make peace with his son’s death and the spirits that haunt him.

Susan Hinrichs, a born-again Evangelic Christian, questions her religious faith in hopes of communicating with her son Scotty, who died from a deteriorating form of cancer at the age of 18.

Widow Rebekah Fabricius, journeys from Ohio trying to connect with her late partner who had a tragic death. She wants to get answers, test her faith, and find the closure she’s been lacking since her husband’s passing.

No One Dies in Lily Dale  is a film that challenges emotions and plays with the internal question:  Do loved ones really die and do their respective spirits live on?