Repossessed! takes the viewer along with Larry Pittman and his team of recovery specialists as they work with high profile clients to track down debtors throughout the tri-state area. The series provides a first-hand look at the operations and obstacles involved of this unusual line of work by capturing the crew in their every day lives and business. From planning an intricate sting to catch an elusive debtor, to attending a career day at a local school, every episode showcases the team in a new, dramatic, fast-paced scenario. Always warm-hearted and comedic, Larry and his business partner Rob draw viewers in with their personal candor and friendly rapport. Meanwhile, the stories of the debtors and clients provide a raw, real-life perspective on the realities of living beyond your means. This very special series provides a balanced view of the universe Larry and his crew inhabits, and delivers a look at why recovery work is consistently ranked as one of the most difficult and dangerous careers in the United States.