Slasher, a feature documentary which aired on The Independent Film Channel, follows the life Michael Bennett, a hyped-up 49 year old, known as one of the best used car salesmen in the country. He has been known to sell 200 cars in one weekend. That’s more than some lots sell in six months.

He does it by holding special “Slasher” sales across America. Part circus sideshow, part con job, part clinic in the world of business, a Slasher sale is capitalism at its crudest. And among used car salesmen, Bennett is looked up to as a pioneer and a genius.

But years on the road have taken a toll on Mike and his family life, and he finds it harder and harder to leave home every week. But he needs to gear up for his biggest sale of the year, a mega-Slasher event in Memphis, Tennessee – three blocks from Graceland.

He and the car dealership have agreed to allow unprecedented access to acclaimed director John Landis (Blues Brothers, Animal House, Trading Places, Thriller). Together, they will document the entire process, offering insight into the shady, hilarious, and scandalous tactics of Slashers.