The Biz is a competition show developed in conjunction with AOL and Warner Records for air as a web series.  The show features a cast of ten contestants who must live and work together in the cutthroat world of the music business.  Their goal?  To try win the ultimate prize: their own record label.

The series features a unique format where contestants compete against each other in order to get promoted and move up the corporate ladder.  However, the losers don't go home - they stick around and are assigned jobs working under the winners.  As each new challenge varies in strength, contestants have the opportunity to surpass old winners, claim new job titles, and move up the chain.  At the end of the series, the winner is declared president of the record label and is awarded a highly touted new artist to kick off their career.

Featuring industry veterans, chart-topping recording artists, and legendary music moguls, The Biz takes on the music industry in a unique format and answers the question: who will win the battle for the toughest job in music?