How much does your appearance matter? In this AMC documentary, we find, for a shy girl from Ohio, quite a bit. Cindy Jackson holds the Guinness Book of World Records for the most plastic surgery. After 29 separate operations, what started as a project to fix Cindy’s nose ended up remaking her into a completely new person, modeled after her own idea of feminine beauty: a Barbie doll. Today, Cindy Jackson is considered to be one of the world’s foremost experts on plastic surgery. In fact, she has consulted several women on their own extreme makeovers­ in Cindy’s image. As the literal clones of this living doll, these women have redefined their own identities in the image of their leader, Cindy Jackson.

“The features I have now aren’t my own; they are a kind of uniform, specifically tailored according to scientific principles to make me look as appealing as possible to men,” Cindy says. “Why should I mind if other women want to achieve the same results? Maybe if all women looked alike, men would pay more attention to who we are rather than what we look like.”