Willie Nelson: Still is Still Moving is an in-depth, personal look at the life and career of the great American singer-songwriter, Willie Nelson. Known for his devotion to the road, Willie has been on tour for much of the past fifty years, has recorded 250 albums, and written more than 2,000 songs.

Director Steven Cantor got an all-access pass to Willie Nelson and family as they crossed America on their latest concert tour. In addition to remarkable, up-close concert footage, the film includes a rare behind-the-scenes look at Willie on his tour bus — writing songs, practicing Tae Kwon Do, celebrating his 68th birthday, hanging out with his beloved band, and being visited by singers including Ray Charles (who challenges Willie to a game of chess), Dave Matthews, and Lyle Lovett. See Willie at his home in Texas where he enjoys a game of golf and re-visits his roots in the small town of Abbot.

This film includes the final interview Waylan Jennings gave before his death in 2001. The film kicked off the seventeenth season of the multi-award-winning PBS series American Masters, and went on to be shown at Telluride Film Festival.